File Explorer Integration

Unicode Edition Only

You can browse the contents of workspaces and Dyalog script files using the preview pane of Windows File Explorer. The following example show what you see in the preview pane when you select the supplied workspace ddb.dws.

When you move the cursor to the next workspace in the list, dfns.dws, the preview pane is immediately updated to show its contents.


If you open the Fns/Ops node and click on a function name, the function is displayed. The next picture shows the function assign.

You can also browse Dyalog script files. The following picture shows what you see when you select the fileUtils.dyalog file.

Note that you may only view workspace objects and scripts in the preview pane, it is not possible to edit them in the preview pane.


Editing Dyalog Scripts

You may edit a script file from File Explorer by first selecting the script file and then choosing Edit from the File Explorer context menu.

This brings up the standard Dyalog Editor, in a stand-alone window, just as it would appear if undocked from the Session, as shown in the next picture.