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Objects: A-Z

System Objects
Root system-level object
Printer for hard-copy output
Clipboard provides access to Windows clipboard
Container Objects
CoolBand represents a band in a CoolBar
CoolBar a container for CoolBand objects
Form top-level Window
MDIClient container for MDI windows
SubForm acts as an MDI window or a constrained Form
Group a frame for grouping Buttons and other objects
Static a frame for drawing and clipping graphics
StatusBar ribbon status bar
TabBar contains TabBtns (tabs)
TabControl contains TabButtons (tabs)
ToolBar ribbon tool bar
ToolControl standard Windows tool control
PropertySheet contains PropertyPages
PropertyPage tabbed or paged container for other controls
Splitter divides a container into panes
MenuBar pull-down menu bar
Menu pop-up menu
MenuItem selects an option or action
Separator separator between items
Button selects an option
ToolButton performs an action or selects an option
TabBtn selects a tabbed SubForm
TabButton selects a tabbed SubForm
Scroll scroll bar
UpDown spin buttons
Locator graphical (positional) input device
Timer generates events at regular intervals
SysTrayItem an item that you can create in the Windows System Tray
Animation displays simple animations from .AVI files
Label displays static text
StatusField displays status information
MsgBox displays a message box
TipField displays pop-up context sensitive help
ProgressBar displays the progress of a lengthy operation
Input & Selection
Calendar displays a month calendar control
DateTimePicker an editable date/time field with an optional drop-down Calendar.
ColorButton allows the user to select a colour.
Grid displays a data matrix as a spreadsheet
Edit text input field
ButtonEdit text input field with dropdown button
RichEdit text input with word-processing capabilities
Spinner input field with spin buttons
List for selecting an item
ListView displays a collection of items for selection
Combo edit field with selectable list of choices
ComboEx extended version of Combo
TreeView displays a hierarchical collection of items
TrackBar a slider control for analogue input/output
FileBox prompts user to select a file
BrowseBox prompts user to browse for a folder or other resource.
Font loads a font
Bitmap defines a bitmap
Icon defines an icon
ImageList defines a collection of bitmaps or icons
Metafile loads a Windows Metafile
Cursor defines a cursor
Graphical Output
Circle draws a circle
Ellipse draws an ellipse
Marker draws a series of polymarkers
Poly draws lines
Rect draws rectangles
Image displays Bitmaps, Icons and Metafiles
Text draws graphical text
ActiveXContainer represents the application hosting a Dyalog APL ActiveXControl
ActiveXControl represents an ActiveX control written in Dyalog APL
NetClient provides access to .NET Classes
NetControl instantiates a .NET Control.
NetType exports an APL namespace as a Net Class
OCXClass provides access to OLE Custom Controls
OLEClient provides access to OLE Automation objects
OLEServer enables APL to act as an OLE Automation server
SM specifies a window for ⎕SM (character mode interface)
TCPSocket provides an interface to TCP/IP sockets