Edit Object )ED nms

)ED invokes the Dyalog APL editor and opens an Edit window for each of the objects specified in nms.

If a name includes the slash character ("\" or "/") it is taken to be the name of a file. See Editing Scripts and Text Files.

If a name specifies a new symbol it is taken to be a function or operator.  However, if a name is localised in a suspended function or operator but is otherwise undefined, it is assumed to be a vector of character vectors.

The type of a new object may be specified explicitly by preceding its name with an appropriate symbol as follows:

function or operator
simple character vector
vector of character vectors
- character matrix
Namespace script
Class script

The first object named becomes the top window on the stack.  See the Dyalog for Microsoft Windows UI Guide or the Dyalog for UNIX UI Guide for details.




Objects specified in nms that cannot be edited are silently ignored. Objects qualified with a namespace path (e.g. a.b.c.foo) are silently ignored if the namespace does not exist.