Print Precision ⎕PP

⎕PP is the number of significant digits in the display of numeric output. ⎕PP may be assigned any integer value in the range 1 to 34. ⎕PP has Namespace scope.

⎕PP is used to format numbers displayed directly. It is an implicit argument of monadic function Format (), monadic ⎕FMT and for display of numbers via and output. ⎕PP is ignored for the display of integers.


      ÷3 6
0.3333333333 0.1666666667
      ÷3 6
0.333 0.167

If ⎕PP is set to a value ≥17 (when ⎕FR is 645) or 34 (when ⎕FR is 1287), floating-point numbers may be converted between binary and character representation without loss of precision. Then, if ⎕CT is 0 (to ensure exact comparison), for any floating-point number N the expression N=⍎⍕N is true.