Size of Object R←⎕SIZE Y

Y must be a simple character scalar, vector or matrix, or a vector of character vectors containing a list of names. R is a simple integer vector of non-negative elements with the same length as the number of names in Y.

If the name in Y identifies an object with an active referent, the workspace required in bytes by that object is returned in the corresponding element of R.  Otherwise, 0 is returned in that element of R.

The result returned for an external variable is the space required to store the external array.  The result for a system constant, variable or function is 0.  The result returned for a GUI object gives the amount of workspace needed to store it, but excludes the space required for its children.

Note: Wherever possible, Dyalog APL shares the whole or part of a workspace object rather than generates a separate copy; however ⎕SIZE reports the size as though nothing is shared. ⎕SIZE also includes the space required for the interpreter's internal information about the object in question.


      ⎕VR 'FOO'
     ∇ R←FOO
[1]    R←10
      'EXT/ARRAY' ⎕XT'E' ⋄ E←⍳20
      ⎕SIZE 'A' 'FOO' 'E' 'UND'
28 76 120 0