Dyalog Serial Number

If you have registered your copy of Dyalog or have a commercial licence then you will have been sent a Dyalog serial number; this serial number is individual to you and corresponds to the type of licence that you are entitled to use.

Dyalog Ltd recommends setting the serial number either by editing a file containing the serial number directly or by running a function in a Dyalog Session to update the file containing the serial number. The next time Dyalog is started after setting the serial number, the DYALOG_SERIAL environment variable is set to the contents of this file. However, if the DYALOG_SERIAL environment variable already exists and has a non-empty value, then its value is not updated.

In a multi-user environment it might be desirable to set the DYALOG_SERIAL environment variable in a system configuration file so that the serial number is held in a single location.

To set your Dyalog serial number by editing the serial number file directly, edit the $HOME/.dyalog/serial1$HOME/.dyalog/serial is the default location for your serial number file but you can set the DYALOG_SERIALFILE environment variable to point to any other valid location. text file so that it contains just the string serialnumber, where serialnumber is your Dyalog serial number.

To set your Dyalog serial number from within a Session:

      ⎕SE.Dyalog.Serial serialnumber

where serialnumber is your Dyalog serial number. This updates the value stored in the serial number file $HOME/.dyalog/serial. To complete the process you must exit and restart the Session.

When you start a Session, your serial number is displayed in the banner . To see your serial number at any time, enter:

      +2⎕NQ'.' 'GetEnvironment' 'DYALOG_SERIAL'


      ⎕SE.Dyalog.Serial ''


Using or entering a serial number other than the one issued to you is not permitted. Transferring the serial number to anyone else is not permitted.
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