Configuration Parameters


Dyalog APL is customised using a set of configuration parameters. These may be defined in a number of ways, which take precedence as follows:

This scheme provides a great deal of flexibility, and a system whereby you can override one setting with another. For example, you can define your normal workspace size (maxws) in the Registry, but override it with a new value specified on the APL command line. The way this is done is described in the following section.

Furthermore, you are not limited to the set of parameters employed by APL itself as you may add parameters of your own choosing.

Although for clarity parameter names are given here in mixed case, they are case-independent under Windows. Under UNIX and Linux, if Dyalog parameters are specified as environment variables they must be named entirely in upper-case.

Note that the value of a parameter obtained by the GetEnvironment method (see GetEnvironment) uses exactly the same set of rules.

The following section details those parameters that are implemented by Registry Values in the top-level folder identified by IniFile. Values that are implemented in sub-folders are mainly internal and are not described in detail here. However, any Value that is maintained via a configuration dialog box will be named and described in the documentation for that dialog box in The APL Environment.

Specifying Size-related Parameters

Several of the configuration parameters define sizes.

The value of the parameter must consist of an integer value, optionally followed immediately by a single character which denotes the units to be used. If the value contains no character the units are assumed to be KiB.

Valid values for units are:

K(KiB), M(MiB), G(GiB), T(TiB), P(PiB) and E(EiB).

Specifying an invalid value will prevent Dyalog APL from starting.

Changing parameter values in the Registry

You can change parameters in the Registry in one of two ways:

Configuration Parameters

AddClassHeaders AplCoreName APLK APLKeys APLNID
AutoComplete/CancelKey2 AutoComplete/Cols AutoComplete/CommonKey1 AutoComplete/CompleteKey1 AutoComplete/CompleteKey2
AutoComplete/Enabled AutoComplete/History AutoComplete/HistorySize AutoComplete/PrefixSize AutoComplete/Rows
AutoComplete/ShowFiles AutoDPI AutoFormat AutoIndent Auto_PW
CFEXT ClassicMode ClassicModeSavePosition CMD_PREFIX and CMD_POSTFIX ConfigFile
Confirm_Abort Confirm_Close Confirm_Fix Confirm_Session_Delete Default_DIV
Default_IO Default_ML Default_PP Default_PW Default_RTL
Default_WX DMXOutputOnError DockableEditWindows DoubleClickEdit Dyalog
DyalogEmailAddress DyalogHelpDir DyalogInstallDir DyalogStartup DyalogStartupSE
DYALOG_NOPOPUPS Dyalog_Pixel_Type DYALOG_SERIAL EditorState Edit_Cols
Edit_First_X Edit_First_Y Edit_Offset_X Edit_Offset_Y Edit_Rows
ENABLE_CEF ErrorOnExternalException ExternalHelpURL File_Stack_Size Greet_Bitmap
History_Size IniFile InitFullScriptNormal InitFullScriptSusp InitialKeyboardLayout
InitialKeyboardLayoutInUse InitialKeyboardLayoutShowAll Input_Size KeyboardInputDelay Lines_On_Functions
Load localdyalogdir Log_File Log_File_InUse Log_Size
LX MapChars MaxAplCores MaxWS OverstrikesPopup
PassExceptionsToOpSys PFKey_Size ProgramFolder PropertyExposeRoot PropertyExposeSE
QCMD_Timeout ResolveOverstrikes RIDE_Init RIDE_Spawned RunAsService
SaveContinueOnExit SaveLogOnExit SaveSessionOnExit Serial SessionOnTop
Session_File ShowStatusOnError SingleTrace SkipLines SM_Cols
SM_Rows StatusOnEdit TabStops ToolBarsOnEdit TraceStopMonitor
Trace_First_X Trace_First_Y Trace_Level_Warn Trace_Offset_X Trace_Offset_Y
Trace_On_Error UnicodeToClipboard URLHighlight UseExternalHelpURL UserConfigFile
UseXCV ValueTips/ColourScheme ValueTips/Delay ValueTips/Enabled WantsSpecialKeys
WrapSearch WrapSearchMsgBox WSEXT WSPath XPLookAndFeel