This parameter specifies workspace filename extensions. It complements the WSPATH parameter in that together they determine the file search order to satisfy )LOAD or )COPY; it also specifies the filename extension to add on )SAVE or )CONTINUE if none is explicitly provided.

WSEXT is a string that specifies a colon-separated list of one or more extensions, including any period (".") which separates the extension from its basename.

If undefined, WSEXT defaults to .dws: on Windows and OS X, and :.dws:.DWS on all other platforms.

In the Windows case, this means that )LOAD myws will search first for a file named myws.dws , and then for a file named myws (with no extension). As file names are not case-sensitive under Windows, this will find myws.DWS or MyWs.Dws and so forth. If none are found with this extension, it will load myws , MyWs , MYWS etc.

In the second (non-Windows) case note that )LOAD myws will search first for a file named myws , then myws.dws , then myws.DWS.

When )SAVE and ⎕SAVE is used without specifying a file extension, the first extension defined by WSEXT is applied to complete the file name. The default is therefore .dws in all cases.