In previous versions of Dyalog APL, certain pairs of characters in ⎕AV were mapped to a single font glyph through the output translate table. For example, the ASCII pipe ¦ and the APL style | were both mapped to the APL style | . From Version 7.0 onwards, it has been a requirement that the mapping between ⎕AV and the font is strictly one-to-one (this is a consequence of the new native file system). Originally, the mapping of the ASCII pipe and the APL style, the APL and ASCII quotes, and the ASCII ^ and the APL ^ were hard-coded. The mapping is defined by the mapchars parameter.

mapchars is a string containing pairs of hexadecimal values which refer to 0-origin indices in ⎕AV . The first character in each pair is mapped to the second on output. The default value of mapchars is DB0DEBA7EEC00BE0 which defines the following mappings.

From To
Hex Decimal Symbol Hex Decimal Symbol
DB 219 0D 13 '
EB 235 ^ A7 167 ^
EE 238 C0 192 |
0B 11 . E0 224 .

To clear all mappings, set MAPCHARS=0000 .