General Tab

Table 1: Configuration dialog: General

Label Parameter Description
Recently used file list size File_Stack_Size Specifies the number of the most recently used workspaces displayed in the File menu.
Underline URLs and links URLHighlight Specifies whether or not URLs and links are highlighted in Session and Edit windows.
Display Value Tips ValueTips/Enabled Specifies whether or not Value Tips are enabled.
Display Value Tips after ValueTips/Delay Specifies the delay before APL displays a Value Tip.
Colour Scheme ValueTips/ColourScheme Specifies the colour scheme used to display Value Tips.
Enable Native Look and Feel XPLookAndFeel Specifies whether or not Native Look and Feel is enabled. This changes the appearance of user-interface controls such as Buttons in both the Session and the Dyalog GUI.
Enable DPI Scaling of the interpreter and development environment AutoDPI Enables or disables DPI scaling for the APL Session
Enable DPI scaling of GUI application Dyalog_Pixel_Type Determines whether Coord 'Pixel' is treated as ScaledPixel or RealPixel.
Configuration saved in IniFile Specifies the full pathname of the registry folder used by APL