Unicode Input Tab (Unicode Edition Only)

Unicode Edition can optionally select your APL keyboard each time you start APL. To choose this option, select one of your installed APL keyboards, enable the Activate selected keyboard checkbox, then click OK

Table 2: Configuration dialog: Unicode Input

Label Parameter Description
Activate selected keyboard InitialKeyboardLayoutInUse If checked, the specified APL keyboard is activated on start-up.
Show keyboards for all Languages InitialKeyboardLayoutShowAll If checked, all installed keyboards are displayed. Otherwise, only Dyalog keyboards are shown
Keyboard InitialKeyboardLayout the APL keyboard to be selected.
Configure Layout   Displays thefollowng dialog box.

Input Method Editor Properties

Table 3: Dyalog APL Input Method Editor Properties

Label Description
Use Ctrl-X,C,V for clipboard specifies whether or not the commonly used keystrokes for copy, cut and paste are recognised as such.
Enable Backtick Keyboard introducer  
Enable Overstrikes 1 = enable overstrikes.
0 = disable overstrikes
Overstrikes do not require the OS introducer key 1 = IME identifies overstrike operation automatically
0 = IME requires the <OS> key (default Ctrl+Bksp) to signal an overstrike operation
Use Overstrike popup 1 = enable the overstrike popup.
0 = disable the overstrike popup